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Videogame Voice Actors Underpaid?

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$100 000 for 15 months of work. That’s what Michael Hollick, voice of Niko Bellic, made. That’s it. No more. Voice actors don’t receive residuals for games like they do for other entertainment mediums.

“For instance, our contracts say nothing about the use of voices for promotional purposes over the Internet,” Mr. Hollick said. “The first G.T.A. IV trailer generated something like 40 million hits online, and that’s my voice all over it, and I get nothing. If that were a radio spot, I would have. Same thing for the TV ads. I recorded those lines for the game, but now they’re all over television. It’s another gray area.”

Sucks for him, but on the bright side, he is known now. If all else fails, he could always rent himself like Roman did.

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