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Checkpoint: Ironic Luck Edition

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Check it. Some ironic luck this week. Most of it making itself known today.

Want to play MGS2

Fortunate: Found Metal Gear Solid: Essential Collection for $26.99 CAD.
Unfortunate: Received two copies of MGS3 and MGS — no MGS2
Resolution: Will exchange tomorrow.

Want to mount the Samsung HT-AS720 speakers up

Fortunate: Found the Sanus WMS5 5 speaker mounts for $101.99 – $5 gift certificate.
Unfortunate: Despite univeral use claim. Provided screws are either too short or too long.
Resolution: Get new screws which adds additional expense or I could return this and buy other ones. Spending $100 for incompatbilities? No thanks.

Want to use the Dreamcast with a VGA adapter

Fortunate: Found a VGA box at RacketBoy.com. Received this week and it works alright except for…
Unfortunate: The switch’s handle broke off making it inconvenient to switch between TV and VGA mode.
Resolution: Use a nail or pin to move the switch manually. I could also exchange it, but shipping is at my expense.

Want to check e-mail on the go without a BlackBerry or an iPhone

Fortunate: Found a Gmail client for my Nokia 2610.
Unfortunate: It doesn’t work.
Resolution: Keep on trying?

Want to play SSBB with the guys

Fortunate: Decided to play Mario Kart Wii, Boom Blox and SSBB after work
Unfortunate: Played too much Mario Kart Wii (awful) and Boom Blox (quite awesome), but no SSBB.
Resolution: Future gatherings require SSBB playtime assurance.

Funny week so far, hmm? I wish to play MGS2 and mount the home theatre speakers as soon as possible since MGS4 is just a few short weeks away. Most hyped game for me personally. I could care less about anything else, but MGS4. This is why I bought a PS3.

I’ve been asked why Metal Gear Solid? What makes them so special? I’ve never been able to explain it well. Good news, though. I’ve found someone who can explain it well: Greg Kasavin, former Executive Editor of GameSpot.

Obviously, you can’t use this review as a representation of the entire series, but the praise for its story, presentation and gameplay mechanics is pretty much spot on. The Metal Gear games always manage to surprise and introduce things I’ve never done before.

Oh, and this shit is awesome:

[gametrailers 34411]

GTAIV really needs a replay saving feature.

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