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Ubidays 2008

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Ubidays 2008 is upon us. Quality over quantity? Or perhaps not everything was revealed yet. Anyways, I’ve gathered a few things and will continue to update this post with new tidbits as I stumble upon them.

Check out the videos, images and other tidbits below:

Far Cry 2

Tech Demo
*NEW* PS3 and Xbox 360 Footage (GameTrailers Version)

I love how the environment feels very alive and continously changing.

In the console footage video, the Xbox 360 version appears to be smoother running with virtually no screen tearing. Surprise? Not really. What surprised me was the fact that they have it running for consoles in the first place. Let’s hope the scope and scale of the game is retained across all platforms including the PC.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

CG(?) Teaser Trailer

I’ve never played the original, but I’ve heard good things. What makes it magical? Is it the pigs? Excuse my ignorance. Supposedly, the trailer is in-engine.

Prince of Persia

CG Trailer

Disappointed that it was a CG trailer, but at least it delivered on how the style and vision of the game is going to be like. I hope this game delivers…

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway


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