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Intel Nehalem Preview

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Intel has been on top of the CPU performance world for awhile now. Ever since their Conroe architecture hit two years ago, we’ve been blessed with some of the greatest processors ever. Now it’s time for Intel to show that their “tick-tock” strategy works.

It works and AnandTech has a great sneak preview of the 8-threaded monster. Here’s an abbreviated summary:

  • Native quad-core design
  • Hyper-threading enabled for each core. (4 physical cores + 4 logical cores = 8 threads)
  • Integrated memory multi-channel (not dual channel) controller (Uses three 64-bit DD3 channels)
  • 20 – 30% performance improvement over its predecessory (Penryn)
  • Power consumption only up by approximately 10%
  • Will require a new socket: Socket LGA 1366

Completely new CPU with Nehalem? Why not? I’m in no rush.

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