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Checkpoint: 6 Days Til MGS4 Edition

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I’m still working on my “Why We Love It: MGS Series” feature. There’s a lot of shaping and thinking involved with this feature. Don’t worry, though. It’ll be out by Monday. I’m also going to write a Battlefield: Bad Company PS3 demo impressions piece as well. Lots of writing.

So I finished MGS2, but instead of playing MGS3 I’m helping my brother play MGS. Mostly for his benefit, but also to help my feature piece. I’ve helped him out through the original til about the half-way point before he was able to fully grasp the game’s design.

As for my personal gaming? Pixeljunk Monsters Encore. That’s about it. Surprising? Don’t be. I’m purposely not committing to anything before MGS4. I guess Phantom Hourglass is being played out of whim as well.

That’s all for now. I’m hungry.

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