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iPhone 3G Debuting at $199 CAD on July 11th

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Update: Make that a 3 year contract.

That’s cheap. Cheaper than a iPod Touch! Unfortunately, you must sign up for a contract with either Fido or Rogers. No idea how much the plans will cost and also, no details on the contract-less unit. Bummer.

As for specifications? It’s apparently a little bit thicker and the battery life is more or less the same compared to the old iPhone. (ie: not stellar) Still, the arrival of an iPhone in Canada is enticing. Especially when I could play Super Monkey Ball on it:

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  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I’ll probably be getting one of these… I haven’t had a cellphone in over 4 years… sometimes I miss it…

  2. Forge
    | Reply

    EVERYONE is going to own an iphone now… EVERY ONE

  3. No_Style
    | Reply

    Not I. Not if I have to pay $50 per month for a plan I don’t use. Give me minimal minutes, but plenty of data, Rogers!

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