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First Resistance 2 Gameplay Videos

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The original Resistance launched with the PS3 and since I completely ignored the platform until several months later, I never bothered with it. It received decent reviews and was one of the better launch games of any platform. Still, it remained unplayed and will remain unplayed until I get my hands on a copy. I will most likely pick it up just to see what all the fuss is about and because I love Insomniac’s work. They make great games.

Well, I took at some of their work in progress gameplay footage and I’m liking what I see. It doesn’t overwhelm the senses, but it doesn’t look dull either. I get the Half-Life 2 vibe from some of those scenes.

[gametrailers 35171]

[gametrailers 35192]

[gametrailers 35175]

Resistance 2 is scheduled for a Fall 2008 release.

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