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Checkpoint: Post MGS4 Edition

Yes, it’s over, the last chapter of Snake’s tale was completed by yours truly. I’ll elaborate more about the game in my review, but let me stress one thing: you need to play all three previous games.


The impact and subtlety of MGS4 would surely wash over many new comers and I would go as far as saying that a majority of the game would be a clusterfuck of nonsensical cutscenes and references. It’s that important. So I implore you to play the originals. If you’re frustrated, ask a MGS veteran for help. You’ll thank me and would probably love the the finale a lot more.

Oh, and needless to say, avoid spoilers. It’ll taint the experience as well.

It’s going to be difficult reviewing MGS4, because my first run through was hardly stealth. It’s a game which requires subsequent replays and I’m itching to play more. Thankfully, there’s plenty of replay value.

I’m going to take this opportunity to address two questions as well:

  1. Will Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ever come to Xbox 360?
  2. Is this the last Metal Gear game?

Will MGS4 come to the Xbox 360? I highly doubt it. If they do, it’ll be much later down the line. However, a large portion of the game would have to be retooled — and I don’t mean from a technical perspective. There’s a lot of Sony PlayStation in this game and a lot of it is practically embedded into the game’s narration and soul.

Then there’s the fact that only one Metal Gear game ever graced the Xbox platform and it was MGS2: Substance; MGS3 never made it across. They will need to do some back catalog porting to bring the newer audience up to speed.

Is this the last Metal Gear game? No. It’s the final chapter of Solid Snake’s story, but there’s room in the story arch to produce additional prequels as hinted. I’m all for it. Even if Hideo Kojima isn’t the main man behind it. As long as they keep him as producer or something along those lines, I’m game.

Anyways, I doubt I will be playing more MGS4 this weekend as there are other games to review, but it’ll sure feel like a step down when playing other games. I kid. Or am I? I’ll elaborate more on my review which I have no idea how to formulate right now.

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