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MGS4 Sales: 1 Million Units in Europe Alone

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I doubt it’ll make GTAIV numbers, but I was certain that it will break 1 million units in sales worldwide. Worldwide. Not in Europe alone.

So when I read that MGS4 sold 1 million units in Europe alone, I was impressed to say the least. In related news, all 25K worth of Limited Edition units were sold out as well. I’m curious how the U.S. market took MGS4. Europe sure loves its Metal Gear and I’m wondering if American gamers feel the same.

The June NPDs should be interesting. I’m especially interested to see if Metal Gear Solid 4 will do what GTAIV failed to do and that is: shift hardware units. Early reports of the MGS4 bundle being sold out is certainly pointing towards some form of hardware sales. I mean, they did sell out of initial stock and are planning to ship more in early July.

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