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82% of PS3 Owners Online?

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Console manufacturer business plans are interesting documents. Not only do they give details on upcoming games and services, they also provide some fascinating numbers.

While perusing Sony’s latest game division business plan, the most fascinating numbers to me were the this:

“Over 9.8 Million accounts worldwide”

That’s approximately 82% of the ’12 million’ PS3 units sold worldwide if you take it at face value. The optmist in me says that number is quite possible seeing how PSN is free and everyone would have at least checked out the online services out of curiosity. Unfortunately, I’m also a bit of a pessimist and believe that a chunk of that ‘9.8 million’ consists of dummy American and Japanese accounts created by the curious and more savvy users. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Sony to sort that one out.

Other worthwhile tidbits buried within the PDF document include:

  • Video Download Service for PSN
  • Full list of Sony Worldwide Studio PS3 titles including:
    • LittleBigPlanet
    • MotorStorm 2
    • Killzone 2
    • Resistance 2
    • Afrika
    • Shirokishi-Monogatari AKA “White Knight Chronicles”
  • Reiteration of their goal to turn a profit

All the above is scheduled to be released sometime between now and early 2009.

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