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Checkpoint: Canada Day Edition

Wow. I missed the Friday deadline. What happened? I simply forgot. There wasn’t much to talk about anyways.

So what was I up to? Playing Pixeljunk Monsters. Watching the 1UP Show featuring a Gears of War 2 Q&A session, Alone in the Dark and BF: Bad Company. Oh, and I was watching my brother go through the final act of MGS4. My review is essentially done — just doing the proofreading and such. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers.

I’m on vacation for the next week. Hopefully, the review copy of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (PS3) comes in at that time. I’m also expecting Lost Odyssey (Xbox 360) and Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) to drop by as well. It’s going to be a week of gaming.

I’m also hoping to rewire the speaker setup and put in that new 16 AWG speaker wire to use.

As for Canada Day itself? I don’t realy care too much about it…

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