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Diablo 3 Announced

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Was this against all odds? Was it anticipated? Was the worst kept secret of the month? Yeah.

Diablo 3 has been announced.

There’s the teaser, there’s the gameplay video demonstration and a lot more on the official website. Just go there and be amazed.

It looks like great simple fun which I’m sure will generate millions in sales. As always, no release date yet.

And it didn’t take long for people to start picking at the game’s lack of grittiness. Here’s a rendition of “How Diablo 3 should look like”. I found it on NeoGAF which was apparently found on GameFAQs.

I agree with this:

Well, at least that’s how the indoors should look. I’m content with how the outdoor looks right now.

  1. Oblio
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    Looks absolutely stunning and VERY fun. Never thought it would happen, but glad it did! Amazing secret; I never heard anyone talk about D3….now, should we start talking D4? LOL

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