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Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero Coming

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I played Elebits (aka Eledees for Europe) for the Wii. It served as an interesting rummaging simulator. It was overwhelmingly cutesy, but it was still fascinating for an early Wii game. Did I want a sequel? I didn’t even finish the original. Well, somebody wanted a sequel, because Konami is delivering one. On the Nintendo DS, though. Figure that one out.

Details and and screenshots of Elebits 2 follows:

Eledees power on to DS

Konami’s charming Eledees series heads to Nintendo DS in all-new, bespoke adventure

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced the return of its popular Eledees characters, as the cute energy creatures head to DS in an all-new title Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero heading to Europe this Winter.

Eledees was an original title designed for the Wii and starred the titular creatures who have the ability to supply electricity when gathered together. As such, players were charged with locating and collecting the tiny Eledees creatures needed to power their home, and this basic concept has been retained for Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero, but within a touch-screen adventure created specifically for the Nintendo handheld.

Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero acts as a direct sequel to the Wii game, and adds a mystical slant to the story. The two titular heroes find themselves transported into a mysterious realm by a magical bus created by Kai’s inventor Father. As they get used to their surroundings, the pair must use all their skills to gather the Eledees they will need to assist their progression, with Kai making good use of his special capture gun, which is used to grab the evasive Eledees, and lift, manipulate and move any objects in his path.

In addition to locating the various Eledees to power devices, players are also challenged with locating a new species of ‘Omega’ Eledees, who boast a wider range of abilities and act as side-kicks who accompany Kai through the vast stages. As the game progresses, ‘Omega’ Eledees capable of locating hidden areas, freezing water, and illuminating dark areas must be found and put to good use to progress to later stages.

The DS game also extends the multi-player elements of the Wii title, with the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi service allowing players to compete head-to-head, or in four-player battles to round up the errant power sources.

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