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E3 2008: Nintendo Unveils Wii MotionPlus

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Several hours before Microsoft’s press conference and the rumored unveiling of their motion controller (which never came to fruition), Nintendo announced their latest accessory, the Wii MotionPlus. Details are scarce at the moment, but Nintendo is touting that this little accessory will enable true 1:1 motion response.

Imagine the possibilities…

I hope this is just the beginning and Nintendo has intentions on incorporating this technology into future Wiimotes. I’m also curious as to how the Nunchuk attachment will work. I also want to see whether or not the Nunchuk will work with this additional accessory.

More details tomorrow at Nintendo’s press conference.

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  1. Forge
    | Reply

    I read that there is a semi-hidden port on the attachment that might be used for nunchuks

  2. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I hear you suck at wii tennis and thing thing won’t help you at all.

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