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Wipeout HD’s Awesomeness Fails Epilepsy Tests? (Updated)

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Update: Looks like SCEE has come out with some comments concerning the delay of Wipeout HD.  No admission of the PSN game failing the epilepsy tests, but they did say the game was being bolstered with Trophy support, four more ships and reversed tracks. Oh, and the most appreciated feature: 2 player splitscreen support.

Are you kidding me?! The visuals of Wipeout HD failed the epilepsy tests? Were they too rad? Too psychodelic? Bah! I guess all that speed and all them pretty lights will have to be toned down to save Sony and Studio Liverpool from possible lawsuits.

If CVG’s source is to be believed, that is.

The game was so close to being released as well! If this was the underlying reason all I have to say is: “Thanks for keeping me from one of my most anticipated PSN titles, bastards.” Meanwhile, I’ll just watch the trailer below and sigh.

[gametrailers 31648]

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