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NeoGAF Presents G.A.M.E. 2 – More Electric Goodness

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The first G.A.M.E. was an excellent collection of videogame inspired electronica. It’s sequel, G.A.M.E. 2, aims for that “theatrical music” theme. If you’re a fan of the first album or just a fan electronica, give this newest addition a whirl.

There’s quite a bit of flavor and variety in this album. There are also a lot more songs I can personally relate with and lose myself to. The album’s aim was to be “more emotive, drawing mental images of various scenes from the listener” and I’d say they succeeded. And just as they release their second collaboration, a third one is already in the works. Looking forward to it!

Details on G.A.M.E. 2 are as follows:

Song list:

The Retrace by Agent Ironside
BTRYL and SLP by monchi-kun
Infiltrator and Ruins in the Ice by Mr. Nash
Know my Name by Fusebox
Logic Bomb by Manumatic (aka megashock5)
Mythical Creatures by Vaxadrin
Odyssey by Nathan Rain (aka permutated)
Think Orange, Count Two by Plastic Gun (aka Mark D)
Professor Spaceton and the Mysterious Planet by SDZeta
Sovereign Entity and Tug of War by The Lamonster
Requiem for Sol and The Human Complement by Maher Al-Samkari (aka m0dus)
The Night of the Storm by Lord Maji
These Sparkles of Light Give Us Hope Against the Blackness by Little Maths (aka alistairw)
Time by LiveFromKyoto
unhappy ending by Albino Samurai
Castle Grounds by X5z

Download Here or NeoGAF

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