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Castle Crashers & Braid Will Cost Over 1200 MS Points?! (Updated)

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Update: Kotaku was updated. Looks like Castle Crashers won’t be going for 1800 MS Points. Braid’s price tag wasn’t corrected, though.

Well this piece of news took a bit of wind out of my sails. It looks like the prices of Braid and Castle Crashers aren’t going to 800 MS points like I originally thought.

Here’s the new breakdown:

Braid will cost 1200 MS points (~ $17.40 CAD)
Castle Crashers – 1800 MS points (~ $26.10 CAD)

That’s asking a lot. Especially when Geometry Wars 2 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed is going to cost 800 MS (~ $11.60 CAD) each. Galaga Legions is the only one without a price tag at the moment.

Please note that the conversion rate between MS points to Canadian Dollars could be outdated.

P.S – Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is out today! At least try the demo.

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  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I tried the geometry wars 2 demo… and… meh, doesn’t tickle my fancy.

  2. No_Style
    | Reply

    My bro accidently purchased Geometry Wars 2 instead of trying the demo, but it’s all good. It’s so awesome. #2 on the twin stick shooter list for me.

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