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Convincing The Masses That Vista Doesn’t Suck

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With blogs, message boards and an extremely vocal minority, it’s tough to get rid the terrible stigma surrounding Windows Vista. There are folks like me who’re trying to dispel the misinformation, but we can only do so much. What Vista needs is for Microsoft to step up and set the record straight.

And they have with, ‘Mojave‘.

Microsoft decided to gather a bunch of Vista haters and sit them down to experience this “new operating system” dubbed ‘Mojave’. Mojave isn’t a new version of Windows. It isn’t even a super secret Service Pack. It’s just plain old Vista, but these haters didn’t know that. They gave Microsoft positive impressions after spending some time with ‘Mojave’ and I’m sure they felt quite silly after realizing they ‘Mojave’ was just Vista in disguise.

Microsoft is planning to use these positive impressions in their new marketing campaign. I wish them the best. They have quite a bit of FUD to get rid of.

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