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Checkpoint: SCIV Character Creation Edition

Last weekend, I was busy playing SoulCalibur IV as a fighter. Starting Monday, however, my brother and I were busy with unlocking hats, boots and other accessories for the character creation system.

Since I am still playing through Persona 3 FES, I created my rendition of Mitsuru Kirijo:

Next, we put our efforts into Geese Howard of Fatal Fury fame:

Then, we continued on our SNK craze with Hotaru Futaba, Gato and Rock Howard from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. We also threw in Billy Kane from Fatal Fury into the mix.


Finally, our latest creations included the classic Red Mage from the Final Fantasy series, Princess Peach and Ayane from Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden. We chose her Ninja Gaiden look.


We tried other characters like Kaim and Jansen from Lost Odyssey, but they didn’t work out. Surprisingly, we couldn’t produce a respectable Genshin (Ninja Gaiden 2) either. We also tried to make a Jago from Killer Instinct, but he was very off:

What’s next? Not sure yet. There’s countless characters to recreate, but I’m on this mission of finding new characters to recreate and not make copies of ones people have already done. Lots of good work from the folks of NeoGAF.

All this fiddling with custom characters have put my review of the game on hold, but I will be working on it this weekend. So look forward to it. (If you care to.)


Other projects have also kept me away from writing. A little article I posted this Thursday garnered a bit of attention. It’s our first release, but I’m glad many people are finding it interesting. I have plans on incorporating the “quality” aspect into the article, but you’ll have to wait a bit. Not because it takes time, but because we’re hoping that all inaccuracies in the current list will be spotted and noted.

Allow me to pimp 1UP’s Interview with Kenji Eno dubbed Japan’s Wayward Son. It’s an interview with a Japanese developer who made many interesting games during his gaming career. He’s packaged seeds and condoms with his games and he also committed one of the biggest public backstabs in gaming history:

1UP: I know you did transform a PlayStation logo — right as everyone’s watching — the logo transformed into a Sega Saturn logo. So, at a Sony event, a Sony festival, where you’re onstage to announce your deal with Sony, you actually announce that Warp would be making games for the Sega Saturn. Which, I don’t know who has the balls to do that these days, but you sure did back then. Tell us the story behind that.

And he did. It’s an interesting read which shed quite a bit of light on this developer’s ecentric career. It’s ten pages of text, though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

That’s that. I’ll be picking up my 320 GB hard drive and installing it into my PS3 this weekend. However, aside from that, I guess I’ll be playing SCIV and Persona 3 while doing a bit of writing.

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