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Braid May Hit PSN. WiiWare? Not Likely.

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Jonathan Blow’s Braid has been quite the hot topic as of late. Sure it has been well received, but it has also been a point of contention for its relatively high price point on XBLA. Some believe you need to just tough it out and throw down the $15 $19.99 CAD and pick up a 1400 MS point card and pay for this game. I can’t, though.

I enjoyed the demo. It was very entertaining, however the music didn’t jive with me. It’s not that it was terrible, I’m just not a big fan of it. So I decided to wait for the eventual price drop. However, now it seems I could also wait for the possible PSN version. Don’t expect it on WiiWare, though. The game is a bit too big for it, apparently.

Here’s a fun fact, did you know Braid was pitched to Sony, but then initially rejected (Check his comments)?

WiiWare was right out, because their size limit (due to lack of storage on the console) is way too small for Braid. I talked to some folks at Sony but they were not interested in carrying the game. Later on I talked to someone from a different division who *was* interested, but by then I had signed with Microsoft and started the XBLA port.

I wonder who would reject such a thing. Was it somebody at SCEA?! Unlike SCEA, SCEE is on the ball when it comes to awesome PSN game selections.

Anyways, at least try the Braid demo. It’s definitely worth the time. I may be too artsy for some, but for those who can appreciate it, it’s quite the treat.

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