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Bionic Commando: Rearmed Is Out Today

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Bionic Commando: Rearmed came out on XBLA earlier and it will arrive on PSN and PC today. Try the demo and hopefully you’ll find it awesome enough to pay the 800 MS or $9.99 CAD or $14.99 CAD for one of the three versions.

I’m getting it on the PSN since it’s a d-pad centric game and that’s where the Dual Shock 3 excels at. (I’m also not a fan of paying for those MS points) Anyways, it looks very promising. Apparently, the PSN version will have an extra “challenge room” along with Remote Play capability. Sweet. More incentive.

Capcom also mentioned that Street Fighter Alpha will also debut on the PSN Store as a PSOne Classic. Don’t get that unless you really love Street Fighter Alpha and will die without owning every release of it.

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  1. 4ftermath
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    Bought the game today. It’s pretty cool. I like the fact that you have a mode like the MGS: VR Missions. You basically have a VR Bionic Commando and you have to go through the stages like it was a puzzle.

  2. No_Style
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    Co-op is amazing.

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