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July NPD Numbers Are In

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  1. Nintendo DS – 608K
  2. Nintendo Wii – 555K
  3. Sony PlayStation 3 – 225K
  4. Sony PlayStation Portable – 222K
  5. Microsoft Xbox 360 – 205K
  6. Sony PlayStation 2 155K


    1. 360 – NCAA FOOTBALL 09, Electronic Arts, 07/08, 397.6K
    2. WII FIT W/ BALANCE BOARD, NOA, 05/08, 369.6K
    3. NDS – GUITAR HERO: ON TOUR, Activision, 06/08, 309.7K
    4. WII PLAY W/ REMOTE, NOA, 02/07, 284K
    5. PS3 – NCAA FOOTBALL 09, Electronic Arts, 07/08, 242.5K
    6. 360 – SOUL CALIBUR IV, Namco Bandai, 07/08, 218.9K
    7. WII – MARIO KART W/ WHEEL, NOA, 05/08, 174.5K
    8. WII – ROCK BAND SPECIAL ED BUNDLE, MTV/Electronic Arts, 06/08, 165.8K
    9. PS3 – SOUL CALIBUR IV, Namco Bandai, 07/08, 155.8K
    10. 360 – SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION REVOLUTION, Take2, 07/08, 147.6K

    My hardware estimates for the month:

    [360] 250K
    [NDS] 600k
    [PS2] 155k
    [PS3] 240k
    [PSP] 220k
    [WII] 500k

    I was close for the NDS and PSP, but I was bang on for the PS2. I overshot the Xbox 360 and PS3 sales and underestimated the Wii.

    Once again Nintendo is on top, but what’s surprising is the lack of sales for the Xbox 360 despite the “price drop” of the 20 GB Pro. I guess everybody knows that the 60 GB is around the corner. What surprised me was how the PS3 outsold 360 — it’s a measily 20K difference, but it’s $100 more. If I was to wager a guess, it’s the MGS4 bundle which is pushing sales.

    Which brings us to the software. MGS4 fell out of the Top 10 already, but everybody who wanted the game probably already has it and anyone new comer who’s buying a PS3 for it will most likely pick up the bundle. SCIV did very well for a few days of sales. I hope it remains in the Top 10 next month.

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