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GC 2008: Heavy Rain

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Or how I love interactive movies…

Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy was one of the most memorable games I’ve played it. It was markedly different in its approach. It focused heavily on story and the moment. It sported mature themes (sex and murder) and it did it all pretty damn well. I still remember the feeling of frantically hiding incriminating evidence within the apartment with a cop standing outside the door.

Heavy Rain or “Heavy Rain”  as they like to spell it comes from the same developer and according to this excellent preview from 1UP. It looks like they’re retrying their original Indigo Prophecy ideas with Heavy Rain, but this time executing on a much higher level.

Yes, Heavy Rain looks gorgeous, but it’s understandably gorgeous due to its highly restrictive nature. There will be plenty of quick time events and the gameplay will probably be as simple as “Simon Says’ – just like Indigo Prophecy. But, you know what? It’s an intriguing game which touches upon topics which other games just don’t seem to care about — and for that I’m all for it.

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