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Checkpoint: Blu-ray Movie Watching Edition

So I’ve been on quite the movie blitz lately. Correction. I’ve been on quite the Blu-ray movie blitz lately. Since last Saturday I’ve been watching one Blu-ray per day. Here’s the breakdown with ratings. Keep in mind I’ve watched these movies before:

  • Saturday-  Terminator 2: Judgement Day (A -)
  • Sunday- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (C +)
  • Monday – Spider-man (A )
  • Tuesday – Spider-man 2 (B -)
  • Wednesday – Spider-man 3 (C+)
  • Thursday – Casino Royale (A+)

Casino Royale is actually better than I remembered. Daniel Craig is a fantastic James Bond and the entire movie was a joy to watch. Spiderman was great, but with each subsequent sequel, it became apparent how disjointed it became. Part 3 was such a disappointment. T2 is still awesome, but T3 seemed like some kind of joke. (If you’re wondering what happened to The Terminator, I watched it several weeks ago.)

It’s also worth noting that I watched all of these movies for the first time with surround sound and Casino Royale easily trumps them all.

What’s next? Today, it’s probably “The Departed”. Tomorrow and Sunday? No idea yet. I could have watched The Pirates of the Carribean again, but I lent it out to Forge. Perhaps Ratatouille deserves a second watch.

Upcoming Blu-ray movies of interest and movies I need to get:

  • Batman Begins (available now)
  • Transformers (Sept. 2)
  • Ironman (Sept. 30th)
  • Wall-E (Nov. 18th)
  • The Dark Knight (Rumored by end of this year)

Movies I may get

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas (available now)
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Sept. 9th)
  • The Godfather Collection (Sept. 23rd) – I really want this, but it’s so expensive!
  • The Ultimate Matrix Collection (Oct. 14th)

Gaming? Finished Rearmed and still working through Persona 3 FES.

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