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Official: Xbox 360 Prices Have Been Cut

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The rumored price cut was all, but confirmed. Finally as of September 5th, 2008, the Xbox 360 can be found as low as $199.99 USD/CAD. Well, the Arcade SKU can. Here’s the official breakdown:

Arcade (no hard drive) to $199
Pro (60GB) to $299
Elite (120GB) to $399

Great news for those of you who’re itching to jump in.  As for the Jasper model with the die shrunk GPU and CPU? Not confirmed as of yet. Most units being sold are still Falcon based. Jasper models should be marked lower than the Falcon’s 175 Watts.

Why is Jasper so important? Falcons are still susceptible to the ‘Red Ring of Death’ and I certainly don’t want that to happen on my fourth Xbox 360. So I’m going to wait and wait until somebody posts up proof of a Jasper unit.

Will Sony respond? Doubtful. They’ve been adament about making a profit, but that hasn’t stopped them from rejiggering the hard drive size and value angle of their current $399.99 and $499.99 price points.

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