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Checkpoint: Epic Articles Edition

I’ve been preoccupied with a few things. Mainly these two articles:

Were they difficult to do? No. They were time consuming more than anything else. However, the process of making them has evolved thanks to new additions, ideas and tricks that I’ve learned. Just take a look at the differences between the original articles and the newest editions.

It is quite a fascinating process, though. I enjoy digging for new ways of improving the organization, extracting and presenting the data. My latest mission: exporting Excel tables into HTML.

I haven’t found the perfect solution yet, but I’m getting closer. I’ve been told that developing a macro should be easy, but I’m not holding my breath. Who knows? Perhaps Robocrotch will pull through and deliver an awesome macro.

As for other features of this calibur: I can’t think of anything else at the moment. I am opened to ideas and appreciate any feedback. (Edit: I actually have an idea on what to work on next. A online document on how to use this site’s writing tools.)

So what have I been playing? I picked up Geometry Wars 2 once again and I’m still playing Persona 3. It’s 70 hours and counting. 70 hours. And that doesn’t include “The Answer” epilogue either.

Oh, and I went ahead and ordered the Dell Inspiron Mini 9. It turned out that Apple’s event was indeed just for iPods.

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