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RAGE Being Held Back Thanks To The Xbox 360

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Update: Shacknews has further clarification.

…Or so id Software lead designer Tim Willits says. We already heard Carmack echo similar statements in the past, nothing quite like this:

“I wouldn’t say the overall story was changed in any way in order to fit on the Xbox 360 version,” Willits said, “but how the player experiences Rage’s story has been altered.” Unfortunately, that means the experience has been altered across all platforms. This is one of the first signs we’ve received of the 360’s older DVD media showing its age, but we expect some fans won’t be terribly pleased that it’s affecting other versions of the game as well.

Amazing if this is really the case. It just goes to show how influential the Xbox 360 is this generation. Or perhaps it just shows how idiotic id Software is. Gimping the PS3 version is understandable since it is a console, but the PC version as well? What are they on? Oh, that’s right, it’s because consoles come before PCs now.

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