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This Week’s Famitsu Announcements

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This week’s Famitsu magazine was quite informative. An anticipated fighter gets a release date,

Tatsunoko vs Capcom – December 11th – Nintendo Wii

Really?! For the Wii? I presume it will support Classic Controllers, but what about GameCube controllers? And what about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions? I know the Wii is selling like rice over there, but c’mon!

White Knight Chronicles: Pulse of the Ancients – December 25th – PlayStation 3

Finally! WKC has a release date. Even if it’s just for Japan.

Level 5’s White Knight Chronicles was first seen over two years ago and it was quite impressive then. However, I don’t know much about it. In fact, all I know is that boasts huge armored mechs, it’s a JRPG and it’s coming exclusively for the PS3. It’s not my fault either, it’s just that Level 5 and Sony have been very hush hush about this title.

Monster Hunter 3 Playable At TGS

The Monster Hunter series is huge in Japan. It sells PSPs like how Wii Sports sold/sells Wii’s in America. Me? I never played a single game from this Japanese loved franchise. I guess fans will be glad to know that the third Wii exclusive installment of Monster Hunter will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later next month.

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