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MGS4 Post Mortem With Hideo Kojima

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1UP put up a great interview with Metal Gear Solid 4 producer, Hideo Kojima. Excellent read, really. Some notable quotes include:

1UP: Are you happy with the amount of players playing Metal Gear Online?
Kojima: [Laughing] Not at all!

1UP: I think you know where this is heading — the Konami ID and Game ID registration processes are a pain in the ass and just too complicated.

HK: [Laughs more and shakes head] No comment! That’s, er, a difficult matter.

That’s not the only reason why the numbers aren’t that high.

What about Trophy support for MGS4?

1UP: Will Trophies get added to the game?

HK: I can’t speak about that.

What’s in store for Kojima?

1UP: So the next game…is the Kojima Productions slate really clean? MGS4 is done, so is there nothing else in development? Because that’s what it sounds like. What happens next?

HK: I would like to just make a new game, and the younger staff can work on the new MGS projects. For MGS5, it’s very difficult to explain right now because we haven’t announced anything. I have really high expectations of my young staff, though. I hope they have learned from their mistakes and that they won’t repeat them this time around. But believe me, I also made mistakes on the decision side of things, and I don’t want to make those mistakes again, either. I will step in with more courage if I see the staff going down the wrong path again.

I have three concepts for MGS5 already. What would be ideal for me with MGS5, though, is that we don’t do those. If the team picks one of those concepts, I have to get involved again, which I don’t want to do.

There are already so many good ideas from the staff, so if we select one of those, that would be really good. At that point I could really rely on them and take the step back to be the producer, which is the ideal situation, I think.

1UP: But what do you really want to make next?

HK: Well, I want to create something new, and it’s difficult to explain since no one’s seen it before. I don’t know if it would sell very well. I’ve been warming this up for a long time, and I keep thinking that I’ll try this idea. But ideas always change, so I really don’t know what the final outcome will be

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