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Study Finds That People Are Idiots

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…when it comes to computers. Specifically, popups and malware prevention. The Psychology Department of North Carolina State University performed this little test on 42 “average” users. Their findings? Disappointingly true.

“Of the 42 students, 26 clicked the OK button for the “real” dialog. But 25 clicked the same button for two of the fakes, and 23 hit OK on the third (the one with the status bar showing). Only nine of them closed the window—two fewer than had closed the real dialog. In all cases, a few of the users simply minimized the window or dragged it out of the way, presumably leaving the machine’s next user at risk. “

I’m sure they’re not all idiots. Some just didn’t care, but I guess you could say they’re selfish idiots for being that way though.

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