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TGS 08: Trailer and Info Collection – Day Two

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Not a lot of brand new, super fantastic reveals, but a fair bit of impressions and info popped up. If you noticed, there are a lot of fighting game related tidbits below and that’s somewhat on purpose. There was just a lot of talk, info and media of the upcoming fighting games.

As always, more stuff will be tacked on as I find them.

PlayStation 3

  • White Knight Chronicles Online mode breakdown
    • Offline mode will consist of custom characters which you can create and recruit during the single player campaign.
    • That custom character’s experience, skills, items and money will be shared between the two modes.
    • Single player progress will determine what’s available to you in the online multiplayer.
    • Online mode described to be very Phantasy Star Online-esque.
    • Up to 16 players in a lobby, but only 4 players can enter a quest at the same time.
    • Lots of quests promised via DLC.
    • Support for keyboard, but voice chat not 100% confirmed
    • White Knight Chronicles costumes for LBP very possible.


  • New Castlevania Teaser

[gametrailers 41243 nolink]

  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom info via Giant Bombcast Day 1 Episode
    • It doesn’t have the standard six button layout. Not even the standard four button layout from Marvel vs Capcom 2.
    • It has light, medium and hard attack buttons followed by an assist button.
    • Apparently, it’s being developed on “Wii” calibur hardware which is why its launching simultaneously for both the Nintendo Wii and arcades.
    • Japan only for now.
  • BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Gameplay

[gametrailers 41290 nolink]

  • Street Fighter IV – More Sakura Gameplay

[gametrailers 41268 nolink]

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