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Checkpoint: Dead Rising Edition

Persona 3: FES – The Answer is done with. Just under 30 hours for this epilogue. My prognosis? I wish the didn’t make it. Don’t get me wrong. I liked how they went back and wrapped things up in a nice bow, but only revisiting half of Persona 3’s gameplay was a mistake.

The Journey portion of Persona 3 FES’ relationship building was a great contrast against the randomly generated levels. I used that half as an opportunity to take a break from all the fighting. With The Answer, I actually shut off the game after every major checkpoint. I just couldn’t put up with grind for long sessions.

Now that’s done with, I’m playing Dead Rising for the Xbox 360. I skipped over it the first time around, but now I’m giving it a strong chance. It’s not your typical game at all and right now I’m having mixed impressions of it. For every cool moment, there’s a frustrating quirk. I still need more time to formulate a real opinion.

That’s it, kids. I’m currently distracted by this week’s 1UP Yours podcast. It’s quite good with lots of talk of the upcoming October games. Do listen.

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