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SOCOM: Confrontation Headset Bundle “Review”

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I couldn’t play Slant Six’s SOCOM: Confrontation for more than 40 minutes. Not because it was a bad game. I just couldn’t put my PS3 through the torture of system freezes and consequently, I didn’t want to waste my time with this buggy mess. If you’re a SOCOM fan, you’re not going to find many kind words here. I didn’t purchase the SOCOM: Confrontation headset bundle for SOCOM; I bought it for the official PlayStation headset. This review isn’t for the fans, it’s for those of you who can’t decide whether or not to spend the extra $10 CAD or just save it and pick up the Bluetooth headset by its lonesome. Let’s get started with this “review”. Slant Six and Sony rushed this game out of the door and I’m doing the same for this review.

PlayStation 3 game installs don’t bother me; so I didn’t mind the 2.7 GB install. 400+ MB downloadable day one patches don’t bother me either. After all, if I get to play a more stable game, I’m all for it. Going through all that only to find that SOCOM: Confrontation is a janky mess of a game? That’s a waste of time. The overly sensitive menu navigation and manual server searches continued to test my patience, but I didn’t realize at the time how trivial those issues were.

When I finally entered my first SOCOM match ever, I was met a game that was hitching randomly which had me thinking it was a network issue. So I sought another game, but the same issues persisted. I eventually accepted the problem and just tried to play the game itself. I completed a few rounds and began learning SOCOM’s unorthodox and non-customizable control scheme. Then the game froze. I got up and ejected the disc and gave up on SOCOM: Confrontation.

Technical issues are preventing me from even playing this game and quite frankly, it isn’t worth suffering for. It’s not very pretty to look at due to its muddy texture work and from what very little I’ve played of SOCOM: Confrontation, it’s gameplay is basic at best. I appreciate the realistic tone the game is gunning for and the map design is definitely interesting. Unfortunately for SOCOM: Confrontation, I just don’t have the time to invest in its unstable multiplayer – tough for a game which is online only.

With the holiday season’s rush of games coming there are already plenty of excellent titles to choose from. SOCOM: Confrontation could have been amongst them, but technical issues have put it out of the running. Slant Six could patch the game to par, however with shooters such as Resistance 2 and Call of Duty: World at War coming, is it really worth picking up SOCOM now? The fans will undoubtedly wait for the fixes, but the rest of you best save your dollars and pick up something a bit sturdier for now. Buy a game for what it is and not for what it could be.

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P.S – As for the official PlayStation Bluetooth headset? It’s a must have accessory. It’s just that nice.

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    thats a shame. Maybe I’ll keep the game in case it gets patched to par, or maybe I’ll trade it in for a discount on LBP. we’ll see. furthermore, IGN has held off on reviewing the game until the servers are fixed. They seem kind of optimistic that is could be fun once they fix it. Maybe I’ll keep it until legit reviews come out (not saying yours wasn’t legit, I am saying that reviewing it in its broken state might not be the best idea…but i guess they shouldnt have released it if they didnt want it to be reviewed eh?).

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