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Fable 2 Bugs Round Up. Patch Coming

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I just started playing Fable 2 and so far I haven’t encountered any of these game ruining bugs. However, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for them until Lionhead Studios push out a patch.

So without further here’s the bug round up:

  • Monk’s Quest” bug where you won’t be able to resume the game if you leave the region before finishing the conversation with the Abbot of the Temple of Light in Oakfield.
  • Playing a co-op game with an existing and brand new character could wipe all experience and gold from the existing character.
  • Freezes which may or may not be attributed to the “Co-op patch”.

Not too bad. Most of them don’t even affect me since I tend to listen to dialog and don’t play Xbox 360 games online.

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