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Checkpoint: No Halloween Themed Gaming Edition

I could have been playing Dead Space in an attempt to celebrate this holiday for child molesters, but instead I’m playing through Fable II. It’s one of the tougher choices to make in order to keep my back log to a minimum and my wallet credit card happy.

I’ve heard many good things about Dead Space, but my efforts for trading SOCOM: Confrontation for it have been fruitless. Curse Sony and Slant Six and their release of subpar products.

I’m enjoying Fable II, but I’ll reserve full opinions for the review. My Xbox 360’s DVD drive is holding together and I have yet to witness any of those “Disc Read Errors”. It’s an open world game and if a game like Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect can succumb to those dreaded errors, I thought Fable II would suffer the same fate. I guess I was wrong.

I’m certainly looking forward to the NXE. The interface is cool, but it’s the hard drive installs that excite me most. I want to play through Fallout 3 without hearing the dreaded DVD drive spinning up. I’ve cleared as much space as I can from my current 20 GB hard drive and the most I could free was 10.5 GB. Enough for two games? I wish. I was considering upgrading to 120 GB hard drive, but the damn thing is like $160 CAD! No, thanks!

Maybe the 60 GB starter kit for $100? I’ll think about it.

Well, that’s it for today. Time to eat and watch Full Metal Jacket. I heard good things about it.

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