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Intel Core i7 Is Here!

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It’s finally here. The successor to Conroe, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor that started Intel on this unrelenting march towards success. AnandTech and The Tech Report have great writeups and benchmarks on the new Intel architecture. They’re fast little processors, but as it stands: these chips are for the high end user.

As impressive as these performance gains are, the affordable and “mainstream” line of Core i7s are scheduled for mid-2009 launch. While the current crop of Core i7’s will be using the LGA-1366 socket interface, the upcoming mainstream line will be outfitted for LGA-1156 sockets.

So then I will wait.

By that time DDR3 memory should cost a little less which hopefully means I will be able to go triple channel without much fuss. I’m also hoping Intel will be very kind with the pricing. After all, this new architecture is making AMD look very silly and slow.

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