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Checkpoint: What To Play Next Edition

I just finished off the main quest in Fable II. A review will be up shortly after I spend a bit more time dabbling into the world seeking interesting sidequests and what not. I believe I put in approximately 30 hours into the game so far. Impressions? So far, I’m unfullfilled. I’ll elaborate on that point later.

With so many games out, coming out and on their way to me, I had to set up a schedule of what to play next. It’s only logical.

  1. Fable II
  2. Resistance 2
  3. Gears of War 2
  4. Fallout 3

That’s the order I wish to tackle these titles. Fallout 3 is already here, but two RPGs back-to-back is a bit much. R2 will clean the palette and so will Gears 2. Fallout 3 will round out the pack. LittleBigPlanet will also be getting lots of love throughout.

That’s it for my holiday lineup so far. There are plenty of other titles which I’m interested in such as Valkyria Chronicles, Dead Space and Motorstorm 2. Even though I can pick these up for a lower price, I’m going to wait it out. I need to keep telling myself this or else I’m going to end up as broke as the hobos in Fable II.

So what’s everyone else’s plan? Finished anything yet?

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    What are you playing Fallout on? PC?

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