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Resistance 2 Review

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Like Call of Duty 4, the single player campaign was a heavily scripted experience. The extravagant set pieces were indeed extravagant. Were they fun? That largely depends on how much you enjoy watching impressively rendered giants being brought down by simple shots to the face. Resistance 2 isn’t the most complicated shooter on the shelf, but it does offer a wide range of niceties such as practical secondary functions for all weapons, good pacing between battles and enough audio visual splendor to justify your high definition gaming setup.

The aim assist in Resistance 2 is a tad too aggressive. This quirk manifested itself after I spent some time participating in the game’s competitive mode. With people sprinting around without the fear of fatigue, don’t be surprised to have your crosshairs trail them for quite some time. Why is there unlimited sprinting in the first place? And how in the world did Insomniac get 60 player online multiplayer working? Well, it all comes together in Skirmish mode.

I wouldn’t even bother with Team Deathmatch or the other staple of game modes. In Skirmish mode, two teams are divided into squads of five. Then the artificial intelligence pits opposing squads against each other through a number of objectives ranging from point capture to assassination missions. It didn’t matter I was in a 20 player or 60 player game, the A.I would accommodate and funnel players together. Despite its intentions, the A.I. isn’t perfect. There were instances where I was flagged as the assassination target and shot down seconds later because I was right in the thick of things. There were also instances of us being sent to one location, only to have the A.I. tell us to turn around and defend another point midway. Hopefully, these little issues could be fixed.

The final piece of the Resistance 2 package is its cooperative campaign. Me and seven friends can hop online and pick one of three classes to do Resistance 2 instances with. MMORPG styled instances, to precise. I’ve never played a cooperative quite like this and you know what? That’s why I enjoy it so much. The Chimerans in this mode may just be walking damage sponges with the mindsets of flies, but it was still gratifying to mop down a cluster of them with friends.

Threaded throughout all three components was Resistance 2’s stat tracking and progression system. Similar to Call of Duty 4 or Battlefield 2, Resistance 2 rewarded actions with experience points and loot. Rewards differed from mode to mode, but for the progress bar addict: there are numerous morsels of goodies for you to acquire. You could check out all your stats via the Community function or the newly redesigned MyResistance.net.

Insomniac Games’ Resistance 2 individual pillars of play will be unfairly compared to some of the other shooters out there, but as a total package, you’ll be hard pressed to find another piece of PlayStation 3 software with this much content and value. The campaign mode is arguably the weakest out of the three, but with such a unique and different take on the cooperative mode – it balances itself out. The competitive multiplayer isn’t a write off either with its dynamic objective system keeping 60 players battling in a coherent manner. Needless to say, Resistance 2 has the potential to provide hours of polished entertainment, the only catch is: “Can you appreciate all that it has to offer?”

I did.

Highly Recommended

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