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Some LBP Stats

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Looks like Sony and Media Molecule are going to update the community on a regular schedule now with their “SACK IT TO ME” posts. The first installment contained two interesting pieces of info. The first of which is stats from LittleBigPlanet itself:

  • # of user generated (UG) levels = 177,657
  • # of comments = 1,093,491
  • # of times Story levels have been played online = 36,661,881
  • # of times UG levels have been played online = 22,463,892
  • # of levels played online = 59,125,403

That’s a whole lot of levels being played online. And the number of user generated levels isn’t something to scoff at either.

Next, they’ve said that they’re working on a better searching solution. No further details were revealed, but at least they’ve acknowledged the request.

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