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How to identify a Jasper Xbox 360

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AnandTech have posted their article on how to pick out an Xbox 360 with the Jasper board revision. It’s an excellent read with helpful tips to help you snag a Jasper.

Here’s the jist of it which I snagged from their article:

Lot #0842X or newerMaybe
Xbox 360 Arcade Sticker MarkingsXGX-00019Probably a Guarantee
Xbox 360 Arcade Sticker MarkingsValue Bundle 2008 EProbably a Guarantee
Current Rating on 12V Rail12.1AGuaranteed

If you need some help with locating these labels, check their article for the photos. It’s also worth noting that a lot of the Arcade units are Jasper models. This could be attributed to the fact that this revision includes 256 MB worth of internal memory. It’s also cheaper to make!

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