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TF2 Engineer Update Up & Scout Update Coming

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An update to the game I would love to play, but never have time for was released two days ago! This comes as a small surprise after they said that there was a possibility of “no more updates for 2008“. There were changes to the Engineer class and a slew of other gameplay and engine tweaks. You can read the changelog here

According to their blog, the Scout will next class to receive an update. They’re once again seeking advice on what the community wants improved and/or changed. So if you’re still playing TF2 regularly and have a few ideas for the Scout, give them a holler.

Other interesting tidbits from Valve include a mentioning of the Xbox 360 TF2 update – a massive one which will include practically everything the PC version received. Nice of Valve to do this, but is this a worthwhile endeavour? Do people still play TF2 for the Xbox 360?

Oh, and no mention of pricing or a PS3 update. No surprise on the latter.

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