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Spike VGA 2008’s Trailers

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Update: GameTrailers put up all the goods. Post updated!

I couldn’t stand watching more than 30 minutes of the Spike VGA’s. (It’s embarrassing to watch) Instead, I sat back and waited for trailers to make their way online. Well, 1UP didn’t let me down. They have the trailers, but I must warn you. They’re off screen captures from a standard definition show — quality is pretty damn awful. I’ll replace with superior quality versions as I run into them.

Without further delay, here’s everything I’ve found thus far. (Missing Fight Night Round 4 which I caught before turning off the show.)

Mafia II

[gametrailers 43635]

Uncharted 2

[gametrailers 43625]

God of War III

[gametrailers 43621]

Terminator: Salvation

[gametrailers 43637]

GTAIV: Lost & Damned

[gametrailers 43631]

Brutal Legend

[gametrailers 43623]


[gametrailers 43640]

Fight Night Round 4

[gametrailers 43563]

Dante’s Inferno

[gametrailers 43684]

Gears of War 2 – Combustible Map Pack

[gametrailers 43633]

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