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The Xbox 360 Disc Scratching Fuss

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This disc scratching “problem” isn’t much of a problem. Did you know moving or tilting your Xbox 360 while you’re playing a game will cause discs to scratch? I did and so does Microsoft which agrees that this “problem” only affects a small selection of the userbase. They also point out that you shouldn’t be moving your console while the damn thing is on!

Although, people are blowing this out of proportion, I will admit that not every electronics device will exhibit this problem with the slightest of nudges. I don’t have a problem with this despite my drive’s slow decline to DRE death; my discs are fine and with the hard drive install option, that DVD drive isn’t being taxed very much.

Those of you who are experiencing these issues should read up. Perhaps you’ll find a good foundation to get riled up over.

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