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StarCraft II Battle Report

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Enough with the demonstrations! It’s time to watch a real StarCraft II match in play. 21 minutes of awesome StarCraft II play which show off some new units, a new map and some new spectator features. They even got an eSports broadcaster to commentate.

You can watch it here.

4 Responses

  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I can’t believe I watched that in its entirety. It was awesome.

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      Are you saying you don’t watch clips to completion?

  2. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I’m saying that was one of the geeky-est video I’ve ever watched. Come on, color commentary on a starcraft match?

    I want more!

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      Really? You’ve never watched any of the eSports stuff? I thought it was great stuff.

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