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Fat Princess CES 2009 Walkthrough

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Oh, Fat Princess. What a great title, hmm? It’s been awhile since we’ve seen footage, news or anything from this PlayStation Network title. Below is a walkthrough describing how Fat Princess works and what it is all about. I think it’s a charming little title with great potential for excellent team play.

[gametrailers 44198]

[gametrailers 44199]

[gametrailers 44200]

Key Features

  • Casual Single & Multiplayer Online/Offline Action – Cooperate with your team of medieval soldiers (up to 16 players on each side) to overthrow the opponent’s army, plunder their castle and save the princess
  • 5 Character Classes – Change your avatar’s character anytime by swapping hats: Worker, Warrior, Archer, Mage and Priest
  • 10 Unique Maps – There will be 10 maps total, shared across single & multiplayer modes
  • Experience intense frantic gameplay across diverse, charming and challenging environments
  • Resources & Upgrades – Work together to collect resources to upgrade your primitive weapons and basic castle defenses into superior armaments and impenetrable fortifications
  • Unique Game Modes – Select from several various game types: Rescue the Princess, Thwart the Invasion, and Medieval Games
  • 32-player Online Skirmish – Jump in and join as many as 32 players online to wreak havoc on the battlefield and carry your stout princess back home during the conflict
  • Voice Chat – Communicate with your team using a headset and plan out your invasion

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