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Checkpoint: Praising 1UP & Yakuza 2 Edition


So with Far Cry 2 out of the way, I decided to take a step back and play a PlayStation 2 game called Yakuza 2. I picked it up thanks to the recommendations of GAF and the 1UP Show segment which featured the game a few months back. I adore it so far. It’s not perfect, but it’s such a different experience. I sincerely hope Sega brings over Yakuza 3. I’ll elaborate on why I enjoy the game so much with my review later on, but for now I’ll just leave with one thought: “It embodies the organized crime spirit like no other game.”

Speaking of gangster violence, I watched Resevoir Dogs on Blu-ray recently. The second viewing within a year and it was still a great movie. The holiday break offered plenty of time to sit down and enjoy some high definition films. Here’s what I digested:

  • Wall-E
  • Kung-Fu Panda
  • Band of Brothers
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Sin City

And on top of that, I just finished Commando on DVD. It was a hilarious movie filled with facepalm worthy moments.

Now, let me take some time to reflect on 1UP.com’s recent acquisition by UGO and the death of EGM. First off, the news was sudden for everyone including the employees; they were just cut off without a chance for formal farewells. Electronic Gaming Monthly’s time was numbered as with the rest of print media, but I didn’t expect the magazine to go out like it did. The editors were even working on the February issue (which featured Street Fighter IV) before it was axed. This issue was also going to be the 20th anniversary of the magazine! Alas, it was not meant to be.

I personally didn’t care for EGM as a magazine. I was mostly interested in its editors and their articles which would eventually make their way to 1UP.com. To me, like many others out there, 1UP.com and EGM was all about its editors and their opinions. Many people could relate to these guys and gals. And it wasn’t just through their written text either. It was through audio podcasts like 1UP Yours and video podcasts like the 1UP Show. Now, with most of them gone, the number of 1UP.com’s voice and opinions are gone.

From the ashes, new opportunities rise. For example, 1UP FM’s crew was quickly ressurrected into Rebel FM and the 1UP Show crew is hard at work with something. It’s true that not everything will be the way it was, but that’s alright. I look forward to what these talented people have in store.

As for 1UP.com? It’s not completely dead to me. There are still good folks there and if they continue to produce solid content, I’ll pay them a visit. Hell, Retronauts is still there and that’s all sorts of entertainment.

Have good weekend, everybody!

P.S –  Like the banner? I’ll try to spice up these things more. Let’s see how long it lasts before I give up!

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