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A New Beginning For 1UP & It’s Former Crew

With 1UP’s massive layoffs and EGM’s sudden demise, a lot of its fans were left wondering: “What’s next?” I’m a consumer of the 1UP content. From the audio and video podcasts to their features, 1UP became one of my daily sites. To the surprise of many, the people who’ve left have begun doing their own thing. Let’s start with the new podcasts:

The first episodes of RebelFM and The Geek Box are already up and the quality of both will undoubtedly improve over time. Thanks to the generous donations of many of its fans ($15, 000+ USD), RebelFM was up and running within a few short days. I’m sure they didn’t need the $15, 000 to acquire podcasting equipment, but it just goes to show how many people enjoyed their work. At first I wasn’t a fan of the 1UP Show. I was annoyed by the filler segments they put inbetween the game footage and discussions, but when Matt C. came onboard back in January of ’08, I watched every show from beginning to end.

  • Co-op – (Former 1UP Show personnel)

Producing any show is a time consuming process. It’s not simply running game footage with voice over on-top; that’s not what the 1UP Show and Co-op is about. It’s about the games, meaningful discussion of the games and entertainment. It’s a fun show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and always managed to amuse me every Friday night for the past year or so. Their first episode debuted today. It’s part one of their “games of the year” episode where the various former EGM/1UP personnel sit down and share some of their favorites of 2008.

I suggest watching the high quality version.

I’m certain there are those who just don’t understand why people listen and watch the 1UP content. It’s simple really; 1UP/EGM’s content, to us, feel genuine and unfiltered. They’re professionals, but they don’t come off as an IGN or a Gamespot where off-the-cuff comments and raw opinions have been filtered and molded into something passive and cold. It’s thanks to these guys and gals that I picked up the likes of Persona 3: FES, Yakuza 2 and Dead Space.

Just like with everything else, the more time you spend with someone, the more you get to know them. And the same went with the 1UP/EGM crew. After reading, listening and watching enough of their opinions, many people could relate to them. If Shane said Patapon was all sorts of awesome, maybe it’s worth taking a look at. It wasn’t just gaming recommendations either, there were also genuinely interesting discussions and critique going on as well. All great stuff.

So it’s not over after what could have been the end of some of gaming’s greatest outlets. Instead of finding everything in one place, they’ve simply sprouted wings, flown off and began new and (hopefully) exciting things.

Thanks for keeping it going, everyone. Much appreciated.

P.S – The last episode of 1UP Yours should appear any day now. We’ve been told it’s going to be an epic one.

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