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The “$10 off with a new Amazon.ca account” trick

Update: Just got word that the coupons no longer work. End of the good times.

Apparently, I live in my own deals bubble. I assumed everyone who knew anything about deals knew about the “$10 off with a new Amazon.ca account” trick. Well let me tell you uninformed folks how this “trick” works. “There’s no trick to it, it’s just a simple trick.” If you have any questions about this, please feel free to leave me a comment.


  • New Amazon.ca account
  • Order must be total $40 or more before taxes and shipping fees (works on pre-orders)


  1. With your order added to the “Cart”, “Proceed to Checkout”
  2. Enter an e-mail address which hasn’t been associated with Amazon.ca yet
  3. Select “I am a new customer.” and follow the on-screen instructions while entering your address and payment method.
  4. In the coupon code field, enter either one of the following coupons: MAPNEWNCSAVE or MAPBIZNCSAVE
  5. Submit the order.

Creating New accounts with G-mail

Creating a new e-mail account for each an every order will quickly become a nightmare. Here’s how to alleviate that problem for step #2.

If you have a G-mail account, you can create aliases by adding a suffix your username with the ‘+’ sign:

  • username+suffix@gmail.com
    • eg. ‘qsf5+kz2@gmail.com’ could be used for Killzone 2 order

All the aliases will redirect to your main G-mail account of ‘username@gmail.com’


I’ve heard rumors of Amazon.ca suspending/banning accounts for this. I’ve also heard they could ban your credit card from being used on their store. However, I haven’t heard of it happening after 2006. This deal has been active for a long time now and many individuals over at Redflagdeals.com and CheapAssGamer.com have been using it for years now.

I’ve been using this deal for just over 8 months now and I have purchased many items with it. I wouldn’t be visiting Amazon.ca as much as I do without it. I’m prepared for the worse, but consider this a warning — this “trick” isn’t 100% safe.


  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    I don’t see amazon banning your account for this, they’d just be losing a customer… 10$ off a 40$ purchase, they’re still making money.

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