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Checkpoint: Trading It In Edition


Last week I spoke of some of my tips for saving money as a gamer. I mentioned trading or selling off old games and I even pointed out the fact that EB Games isn’t the best place to trade-in your old titles. “I’m trying not to sell them to the likes of EB Games who don’t believe in offering fair prices at a consistent basis “.

Well it looks like they’re offering some pretty good prices. Check it out:

  • SOCOM: Confrontation – $15 (Came with headset bundle)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) – $37 (paid $61)
  • Fallout 3 (360) – $40 (paid $49.71)
  • Far Cry 2 (360) – $25 (paid $42.93)

Seeing how I purchased most of the above at a discounted price, the trade-in values were quite remarkable. SOCOM for $15 was a surprise since the game was bundled with the excellent PlayStation headset. I wasn’t a fan of the game, so I was glad to see it go for what could be considered pure profit. Another surprise was GTAIV for $37. A nine month old game for $37 is quite the deal considering Fallout 3 was raking in $40. I would understand the demand for the Xbox 360 version, but the PS3 version?

Go forth and look through your libraries and consider taking advantage of the unusually high trade-in values. You can use the official EB Games site and this unofficial trade-in value site for some estimates.

How much did I lose out with these trade-ins? Not much. $36.64 to be exact. Considering that I would have to pay approximately $12 for S&H when doing CAG trades; that’s not a huge loss at all.

Now my biggest problem would be: “What do I want to buy from EB Games?” Games are cheaper at Amazon.ca which means I’m left with hardware and peripherals. I’m thinking about spending $99.99 or $189.99 for the MadCatz FightStick or MadCatz Tournament Edition arcade stick for Street Fighter IV. Expensive, but it’ll be better than spending it on $69.99 games. If only they would accept my order!

I didn’t intend to write about trades and EB Games. I intended to discuss what I look for in games. The catalyst was the media and fan reaction to the Killzone 2 reviews. I will save it for next week instead.

As for what I’m playing? Persona 4. It’s such an improvement over Persona 3: FES. The improvements aren’t groundbreaking, but enough to improve the experience considerably. Atlus knows how to satisfy their fans.

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  1. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    The twitter badge is awesome.

    But I’m so fn dissapointed you did business with EBGames. Bunch of f*ckers if you ask me.

    • No_Style
      | Reply

      To be fair, the girl at the EB Games I went to was kind and answered my questions without making a fuss. You should sell your GTAIV and COD4 for about $30 – $37 a piece since you’re not going to send your 360 in.

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