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FYI Tuesdays: WaW DLC, GoW3 Info Soon, BF:Heroes Beta

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Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack #1 Next Month

I haven’t finished the single player campaign nor do I plan to anytime soon. I did, however, dabble into its ‘Nazi Zombie’ and multiplayer components. Both of which are fun distractions despite my World War II fatigue.

Although I’m personally against the idea of paid downloadable map packs, I do approve of the post-launch support. This upcoming pack will include three multiplayer maps and an additional ‘Nazi Zombie’ arena. It will be available in March.

1UP Cover Stories: God of War 3

It looks like 1UP is going to have some God of War 3 info on Friday. In the meantime, they’ll be posting up interviews and looking back at the series through their “1UP Cover Story” feature. Some interesting tidbits:

“I really wanted to have a little helper fairy kind of character in the opening that was kind of like Navi in Zelda. I wanted to do a play on that, where Kratos basically got annoyed with it in the first half of the first level and killed it. I thought that would be really fun, and we just never had time to set up that whole thing.”

Battlefield: Heroes Beta Resumes Tomorrow

After a brief hiatus, the Battlefield: Heroes beta will finally resume tomorrow. The application process is detailed here and since I didn’t get into the first round of closed beta testing, I’ve tossed my name in. I’m genuinely interested in how it plays.

Even if I don’t get in, I can always wait for its “before end of April” release.

Video of the Day

The official release date of Street Fighter IV is 7 days away and already folks have their hands on the game. They were even able to complete the game’s ‘Challenge Mode’ with a few characters. ‘Challenge Mode’ helps new comers learn a character’s potential combos and how to execute them. There isn’t a lot of hand holding which is fine by me. It’s just nice to know what’s possible without having to resort to YouTube combo videos.

The video below showcases Ryu’s entire mode. It’s also available in HD.

Okay fine, that’s from the Japanese version, but their release date is the 12th so it’s technically early.

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